The Questoria

The Questories are games based on communication. The participants play as characters in a twisted plot, and win by forming alliances and avoiding their enemies!

Since 2009 we have been holding such games at birthdays, corporate events and kids’ parties, as well as organizing scheduled open games for everyone.

Why do players love our games? And why have we created the Questoria? The answer is our vision:

Our Vision

People love stories. Something the best books and movies have in common is a powerful plot.

We created the Questories to bring the experience even closer — the players come not just to observe, but to turn into the story’s heroes themselves! And all this happens in the real world!

Every person has a creative potential. We offer a chance to explore that potential, to become a new character, to live through unforgettable emotions, to discover your new self and meet other people who perceive the world in the same open manner!

Plunge into the adventurous action, experience the twists of the plot, come to a resolution that depends solely on the players’ strategies — experience all the elements of the Questories, that leave you filled with vivid memories and lessons learned, just like a good book or movie.

We wish for the Questories to become a new art form of the XXI century, and as popular as other leisure activities, like watching movies, going to the theater and reading books.

Our Goal

We aim to make the Questories as popular a leisure activity as going to the movies!

The first step is to create a club chain. We already have three representatives in 62 cities across Russia, Canada, the UK and other English-speaking countries. If you are interested in working with us, please read our franchise offer.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring people together in a way that encourages self-expression through an inspiring game experience.

We want to provide people with the excitement of captivating plots, the thrill of diving into an atmosphere of fun, and the joy of meeting new amazing people.

About the Company

We held our first Questoria «Shelter for a Killer» in St. Petersburg, Russia in the fall 2009. The following spring we had already held the Questories in Moscow. Then we opened clubs in Novosibirsk, Omsk, Kiev, and Almaty. Right now the Questoria operates in 62 cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

We create thrilling plots, and offer players the chance to plunge right into the atmosphere of our stories. Everyone can turn into a detective, pirate, cowboy or a spy for just one evening. The players will have to find the killer, or not let the others to reveal themselves, bring back your loved one or learn about a betrayal, discover a treasure or start a war. You can browse through the full list of scenarios at our site.

The Questoria’s utmost goal is communication, and strangers meet and get closer very easily in the game. When the Questoria ends, the impressions and new contacts remain.

Why Do the Questories Stand Out?

As new interactive recreational activities have appeared in Russia, we start to hear the words «live quests» more and more often. What are the «live quests» and how are they different from the Questories?

Our answer would be this: the «live quest» is the generic term for all quest type activities, such as the Questories, city quests and escape-the-room quests. Therefore, a Questoria is always a live quest, but not all live quests will be the Questories.

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