Somewhere in the Wild West

questoria somewhere in the wild west

This is the Wild West. And this is the town of Bonanza in the Rocky Mountains of Montana. For many years, the most serious incidents were cowboy fights in the saloon after too much whiskey had been drunk.

It seems that everyone in the state is now paying attention to what happens in Bonanza. And for the reason, take a look at this selection of headlines from Montana’s magazines in the last month:

«Is legendary criminal Black Bill and his gang hiding in Bonanza??? Shocking Robbery of the Billings—Helena Train!»

«Dr. Brown from Bonanza heals two incurable patients. Has the secret of Indian shamans been found or is this the latest European scientific development?»

«Pacific-cost railroad to be laid in Bonanza by next autumn»

«The famous singer, Lucia della Esterolla, is traveling in disguise to Bonanza! What is this star of two continents doing in a town with a population of fifty people?»

«Mudslides in the Rocky Mountains virtually cut-off Bonanza from the rest of the world. Rescue operations have begun».

Meanwhile, Bonanza residents are waiting out in those houses that had not been touched by the mudflow. For example, in the ‘Seven Moon Saloon’. Misfortune unites all of the citizens, so at the same table one can meet both cowboys and Indians, decent young ladies and cabaret girls.

And then, as if the natural disaster was not enough, the body of Lucia della Esterolla was found on the second floor of the saloon in the room she had been secretly renting. What’s more, her famous diamond set, which cost a fortune, has disappeared without a trace.

Is Black Bill, robber of yesterday’s Billings—Helena train, really hiding out in Bonanza?

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© 2016 Questoria
Author: Elena Maximova
Editor: Alexey Korsun, Vitaly Koltsov
Artist: Ivan Tikhonov
Translator: Maria Matveyeva


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