The Séance

questoria the séance

London, 1872. It is a time when communication with the spirits of the dead has become almost routine. Standing out among the mediums in operation is one Monsieur Poitier, of French origin, who is said to be able to contact Richard the Lionheart himself!

It is to him that detectives from Scotland Yard have come, seeking his help in clearing up a complicated case.

One week ago, Lord Cornwall, famous manufacturer and co-owner of the East India Company, was found, dead. His body was discovered lying under the windows of his house, as if he’d deliberately jumped out of the window. However, Scotland Yard’s detectives suspect that this was a planned murder, and have even managed to arrest three suspects. But there are still too many questions over the exact details of what happened to charge one particular person with this crime.

It has fallen to Detective Miles to uncover the details of who killed the famed Lord via the help of a medium.

Joining Detective Miles in a séance will be all of the suspects along with selected interested parties. The séance will commence at Poitier’s salon...

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©  2013 Questoria
Author: Konstantin Korsun
Editor: Alexey Korsun
Artist: Ivan Tikhonov
Translator: Elena Bastrykina


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